Museum Van Nagsael

Van Nagsael had a rotating directorship: in the uneven months Rolf Engelen had the directorship of Van Nagsael and on even months Silvia B. was the director. The museum was entirely a co-operation in the founding and building, through which it stood on a neutral ground, where upon it was desirable to invite a third party. Each exhibition's duration was a whole month; the first of the month was the installation day. Van Nagsael was opened day and night. The news spreaded by word-of-mouth, or sent through the Museum's postcard. The Museum had no invitations, no openings and no cashflow. It was an easy organisation, one that is free from tedious administrative chores. It was, therefore, close to the basics of art: in the pleasure of the making, the exhibiting and the viewing. Van Nagsael was both intimate in the function of an exhibition room and public in its function as a work of art in public space. For the directors these facts were more important than the scale, however the scale had some significance, being 1:15. For them what was most important, is the Museum's total integration in the surrounding. Making in the small vitrine an even smaller space actually enlarged the terrain of the Museum. For the artists that were invited to exhibit, what seemed most important is the approach of Van Nagsael not so much as a miniature exhibition space, but more as an artwork - half of the artwork that was to be completed every month anew. For the visitor to Van Nagsael, by chance or intention, on route through the city, the Museum was viewed alone and privately.


Museum Van Nagsael

established at Botersloot 40* Rotterdam

open day and night.

For additional information:

director of odd months: Rolf Engelen 06.421.50.413
director of even months: Silvia B.




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